RENAISSANCE ITN is a multidisciplinary and interesectorial European research and training network in  innovative polymers for a sustainable society. The six academic partners of the network  and the three industrial participants  will carry out a join programme including research projects, PhDs, master courses, supervision and mentoring, specific local courses, as well as network-wide activities such as secondments, local courses open to the network participants, four workshops, one summer school and one conference. RENAISSANCE ITN is funded by the People FP7 Programme ( http://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/). The network will offer training to 11 Early stage Researchers and 1 Experienced researcher. The ultimate goal will be to train ESRs as quality researchers, prepare them for positions in...


Last Meeting of Renaissance-ITN in Tenerife... · 03.29.2016

Everything ready for the last meeting of the project by mid april. We will also visit Monte Teide which is the highest point that the project will reach!!!

WE ARE PUBLISHING A LOT!!! · 11.19.2015

New papers published by ESR's Erica, Konrad, Nadja, Daniela, Mehmet... and more are on the way...

Secondments time · 10.28.2015

Most of the early stage researchers are carrying out the secondments in different institutions: Ana Margarida and Girum visited MPI-Potsdam, Konrad visited University of LIege, Martina visited IMDEA, Nagaraj visited Linköping....

Renaissance Conference in Linköping · 06.25.2015

Last week Renaissance conference on "Green Biopolymers and Energy Conversion and Storage" in Linköping turned into a successful event where researchers from outside and inside Renaissance network participated as speakers.